Can I adopt?

All kinds of people adopt. What matters most is your ability to look after a child and provide a safe and stable home throughout their childhood and beyond.

Surprisingly, myths still exist around who can and can’t adopt. However, in reality there are very few restrictions to adopting. In fact, it’s easier to list what would automatically exclude you.

That’s it! Whilst there are many other factors that will come into consideration, none of them will automatically prevent you from adopting.

What does it take to be an adoptive parent?

The qualities needed to be an adoptive parent are the same as any other parent. You just need confidence that you have what it takes.

Basically, you will need to give your adopted child love, stability and the security of family life – something they might not have experienced before.

You will need to be able to support a child financially, though you don’t have to have lots of money or even be a homeowner. You can apply for tax credits and benefits to complement your income and other financial help may also be available.

When you first adopt, one partner will be expected to take time off work for between six and 12 months to help the child settle in. Statutory adoption leave and pay is available to assist with this.

Many children who are waiting to be adopted will have had a difficult start in life so they will require a lot of support to help them overcome their unsettled lives. The key aim is to bring predictability, stability and love to their lives.

Adoption is a lifelong commitment requiring skill, empathy, energy, patience – and a sense of humour! But you will ultimately be transforming a child’s life forever by becoming part of a happy and fulfilled family.

If you believe you have space in your home and heart, there is a good chance you could adopt.

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