1. The home study

You will be required to undergo an assessment or home study, which will involve an extensive report being completed.

A social worker will arrange to visit you over a period of months to share information about the needs of children requiring adoption and also to get information about you and your family so that the agency can decide whether or not to support your application to adopt.

Any issues or concerns that come up during the assessment will be discussed directly with you. A second social worker will visit you which allows for a second opinion.

When the report is complete you will be sent a copy where you will have the chance to make any observations about it. The report will then be presented to a panel of people who will make a recommendation to the agency as to whether or not they believe that you should be approved.

2. Competencies or Skills and Abilities

Most applicants already have many of the skills, experiences and abilities required to become adopters, even those who may not have a great deal of experience with children.

We will help you to put together a portfolio of your experience and abilities. It is important that we try and identify the skills and experience that you already have and establish where there may be some gaps so that we can help you gain experience, or provide you with information or additional support.

Don’t worry. Most people are surprised at how much actual experience and skills that they already have and we will provide you with lots of support and advice about completing this task.