Thinking about making your family complete?

Welcome to the Western Bay Adoption website where you will find information about taking the first steps towards becoming an adoptive parent and what this could mean for you and your family. Currently we need more adopters so we can give children the forever family they deserve.

Many children, some with physical, emotional or learning disabilities, are in need of caring parents. Adoption is a legal process for those children who are unable to live with their birth parents and therefore can’t return home. It enables the child to have the legal status of a birth child within their adoptive family.

There are many reasons why you may decide to adopt. Perhaps you have been thinking about adopting for some time but simply haven’t done anything about it yet. Or maybe you are still unsure whether it’s right for you? Whatever the reason, yours will be personal to you.

It may be that you have a desire to be a parent but fertility issues mean that you cannot have a birth child. Or you may be gay and adoption feels the perfect way to build your family. You may already have a family but still have space for another child.

Whatever your reason, adoption is a way of providing a permanent family for children – and it’s extremely rewarding. Adoption is for life so it’s a big decision to make for anyone. It doesn’t just change the child’s life for the better; it alters your life too – in every way!

Would you like more information on adoption?
We understand adoption is an important decision to make and we are here to help you become an adopter and complete your family – every step of the way. If you are interested in adopting we would love to hear from you. Discover the joys of parenthood by calling 0300 365 2222 or fill in our enquiry form.